PHP Penny Auction Script

15 Aug

Looking to run your own profitable penny auction website like BidCactus, QuiBids or Madbid? The phpPennyAuction script is a powerful application that is written in PHP, AJAX, Javascript and MySQL. Main features include: Pay Per Bid, Bid Buddy system, Automatic bidding, Penny Auction Bids, Reverse auctions, fixed price auctions, beginner (rookie) auctions, peak-only bidding, Nail biter auctions, reserve price auctions, lowest unique bid auction and a powerful & feature-rich CMS admin panel that lets you change any aspect of the website instantly. No coding experience needed! Individuals or businesses welcome.

I use the Penny Auction PHP Script in line with my online store to auction a wide range of consumer electronics and gadgets ranging from mp3 devices to women’s epilators. Since I started auctioning products about four months ago, the penny auction aspect has become increasingly popular by the week. There is still quite a way to go before I can match the sales of my store but I believe this is definitely attainable. One of the aspects I like most is the profit margin as it is quite substantial. The only qualm I do have with the software is that does not come with many languages installed, but it was fairly easy to overcome this I just had to translate a few files. Overall some good software and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to modernise their business.


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